At US. Artisan Marketplace we strive to highlight artists and brands who offer truly unique goods that are ethically made and are created with love.

How we became US.

US. stands for us, the collection of artisans who's goods make up the marketplace.


US. Artisan Marketplace was started by husband and wife Kevin and Carolyn. The idea came from the markets they've visited on their travels. They love to travel and were inspired by the vibrant markets they visited around the world. They loved the energy and sense of community they felt when they were visiting the markets. Carolyn is the owner and designer of Carolyn Hearn Designs, a line of handcrafted jewelry, which has permanent residency in the marketplace. Kevin is the owner and Broker of The Capps Group Real Estate, located across the street. They knew that with it's love of art and sense of community that Auburn would be the perfect place to bring US. to life. 

Located in Downtown Auburn

839 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA, 95603, US

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday

10:30 - 6:00


11:00 - 4:00